Stress has become an unavoidable part of modern life and the way in which we deal with it varies from person to person.

We do not always realise that we are suffering from stress,

yet it is now believed that

70% of all illness is in some way related, or can be directly attributed to it

Price - £35.00

For 40 minute session

Reiki Therapy


Reiki is a healing technique that is used to relieve tension in the body, reduce stress levels and assist the body to heal itself in a totally natural way.

Relaxation and the subsequent reduction in stress levels during a Reiki therapy session can not only promote healing, but can often speed up the healing process

Some of the symptoms that can be caused by stress:

Headache, Indigestion, High blood pressure, Muscular tension, Loss of appetite, Ulcers, Constipation, Constant tiredness, Depression,

Mood swings, Anxiety, Lack of concentration ....

"Even short periods of stress may cause changes that leave brain cells hypersensitive for weeks" 

- according to a report by Israeli scientists trying to uncover the molecular root of post traumatic stress disorder.

Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is a science involving six types of purification. Our bodies continuously produce waste products in the form of mucus, gas, and acidity. By clearing the body of these impurities energy blocks are released. The main objective is to create an absolute balance of the physical body, mind and energy. Everyone can practice yoga according to his/her capacity.

Price - £35.00

For 40 minute session

Anadi Anant can help you to relieve tension and reduce stress by using a particular therapy, or a combination of therapies, to relax you and set you on a path to healing.

In many cases a problem can disappear after only one session.

Even if you do not suffer from a particular problem, but just want to unwind after a busy day, we can relax you completely, leaving you feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, and much better than you have felt in a long time.

Price - £40.00

For 40 minute session

Price - £45.00

For 40 minutes

Indian Head Massage


Regular Head Massage is wonderfully relaxing, enhances the health of the scalp and promotes the growth of lustrous hair.

Family traditions of Indian Head Massage are passed on from generation to generation, to relieve tension, combat stress, to rebalance energies and to improve overall health.

Anadi Anant offers traditional, authentic Indian Head massage to help you cope with the stresses of modern daily life.

"Regular head massage helps people work better. Absenteeism through stress would drop immediately if everyone had a head massage at least once a week ..."

Daily Mail

Crystal Therapy


Crystals have electro-magnetic fields that influence both the human energy structure and the physical body at a cellular level. Placed next to the body they can be beneficial to its health and rejuvination.

Anadi Anant offers crystal therapy in combination with Reiki treatment

Price - £65.00

For 60 minutes

Sound Therapy

Sound is vibration. Everything in the universe is essentially vibration. The difference between things is the rate at which they vibrate.

It should not be a surprise therefore that sound, as vibration, has an effect on humans at all levels of our being.

Sound can energize us, motivate us, irritate us, make us happy, sad, or calm and relaxed.

Sounds that we cannot even hear have an effect upon us.

Sound pollution is a serious problem in our towns and cities.

Anadi Anant offers sound therapy in combination with Reiki to calm and relax you, first of all, and then to energize you if required, in order to make you feel good.

40 Minutes


Remove Tension            Reduce stress

Heal Emotions                                           Increase Energy levels

Improve Concentration

      Feel Good                                        Develop Inner Happiness

With Anadi Anant Therapies