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Indian Head Massage

Crystals and Gemstones



The cost for Reiki levels one and two together is:







What is Reiki? Reiki is both a spiritual discipline and a form of healing. The word Reiki, its teachings and spiritual discipline come from Japan, but its roots can be found within the traditions of Buddhism, and in particular within the traditions of Buddhist Yoga.

The word Reiki is often translated as meaning universal life-force energy. Reiki, particularly in the west, is most commonly thought of as a method of hands-on healing that utilises this energy.




Anadi Anant offers four levels of Reiki training:


  1. Shoden
  2. Chuden
  3. Okuden
  4. Shinpiden


Shoden (Reiki level 1) introduces the student to Reiki as a spiritual discipline. Some of the areas covered include a history and definition of Reiki, the ideals and pillars of Reiki, Western and Japanese Reiki traditions and techniques, hand positions and methods of practice. The focus is upon self development and practice.


Chuden (Reiki level 2) covers in more detail the practice of Reiki as a spiritual discipline. More techniques are introduced from both Western and Japanese Reiki traditions and in particular three Reiki symbols, their meaning and how to use them are also taught at this stage. The emphasis is still upon self development, but techniques are taught for the treatment of others, along with all the practicalities that this entails.


Okuden (Reiki level 3) is equivalent to the Reiki Master level of the Western Reiki tradition.


Shinpiden (Reiki level 4) is the Reiki Teacher level.


No time limit is set for each course, but students should expect a minimum of twelve 1 hour sessions for each one.


Classes are taught on a one to one basis with other students attending only for practical sessions.

Indian Head Massage

Many Indian families have traditions of massage that are passed down from generation to generation, and Mrs Mishra learned her family tradition from childhood.

In the UK she learned about how Indian Head Massage is taught here and she has been able to set a Head massage course that adds some of her family traditional techniques to a western diploma course.

Some of the topics covered are:

The Head and its Development

Skeletal structure


Preparation for massage

Various techniques of massage

Techniques for upper arm, neck and shoulders, head and facial massages

The course is taught on a one to one basis with other students being brought in for the practical sessions.

Students should expect to attend a minimum of twelve 1 hour classes

Meditation Course 


This course is a comprehensive course in Raja Yoga and Meditation.

Beginning with the basics of yoga, it provides simple, yet effective techniques of meditation.

The clear step by step instructions will help you to be focused and calm, to experience the importance of the breath/mind connection, and to create and maintain a sustainable meditation practice.

Gradually progressing on from the basics, more advanced meditation techniques are introduced, along with in depth explanations of yoga philosophy and how yoga can be incorporated into every aspect of life.

For more detailed information on this course please see the Meditation page of the website


This course consists of 26 sessions of 1 hour each.


The hours are arranged to suit.




Crystals and Gemstones

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